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Hair Care Products 

Our hair care products are targeted specifically to hair loss problem. We have patent rights for main ingredient of anti hair loss shampoo named PhytoComplex AHL®. 

Phytocomplex AHL® is a unique raw material obtained from a mixture of 24 different kinds of plant extracts.


All of our products are free of  SLES – SLS, paraben. Some products are also free of salt.


Our product lines, 

designed for a variety of hair types. 


Hair Types addressed in this category:

Normal / All - Oily - Dry

Special Needs; (dandruff, fast grow etc.)


• Herbal Shampoo

• Hair Conditioner

• Liquid Hair Conditioner

• Hair Mask

• Hair Care Oil

• Hair Care Serum


Sulphur & Red Pepper, Juniper & Tea Tree Oil

Wheat & Honey, Garlic & Ginseng, Lavander & Sage Tea Nettle & Horsechesnut, Organic Argan Oil, Olive Oil Avocado Oil, Propolis, Passion Fruits, Organic Tsubaki Oil Peony, Dandellion extract etc.

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