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AKTEN’s mission is to asist the companies in offering high

quality private label lines of natural soap, haircare, bodycare

and skincare products to enhance their operation

by leveraging their most important asset - their brand.

Promoting your brand through a collection of specialized private label beauty products, tailored to the needs of your client base, makes sense - especially when those products can be developed in a way that not only enhances your reputation, but also your bottom line. We offer quality private label cosmetic products at low minimums – at prices that offer you customer loyalty, healthy

margins and strong returns.


Plus, we simplify the process. Based on your business and customer profile, we bring the best products for you to choose from – you get to do the fun part – choose the best products, scents and packaging and we facilitate the rest. We will work with your graphic designers or have you work with our

in-house graphic designers to develop the labeling and then deliver to you beautiful professional products – ready for your shelves!

Our commitment to you is to develop a professional

line of products on which you and your customers

can depend and love.


We only work with high quality

botanical, naturally derived ingredients and never tested

on animals. We ensure the products delivered meet

not only your high standards, but also those of EU standards

Our products lines

We are pleased to bring you beautiful, professional quality products that can be customer branded easily and affordably. Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution – our extensive product list now includes

over 200 beautiful botanic, natural and organic based products – or a fully custom blended line, Akten can simplify the process. Leaving you time to do what you do best – manage and grow your business.

Soap: We use natural, aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts to alter the effects of this moisturizing soap base on your skin. All bars are also facial quality. Different blends for different skin types.

Hair care: Akten Cosmetics is proud to manufacture one of the largest line of natural hair care products. From anti hair loss shampoos to liquid hair conditioners, our natural hair products are not only of high quality, but are healthy alternatives for your customers as well!

Body care: Body products all made from naturally derived

or organic based ingredients – all designed to

make the skin feel soft, supple and hydrated.

Skin Care: A wonderful collection of organic and natural

botanical based product lines, designed for a variety

of skin types. Each line features cleansers, toners,

moisturizers, night creams and eye gels and creams –

plus, a variety of serums especially designed for moisturizing,

fine line and deep line treatment.

Especially for Baby: Our line of natural/organic based

infant care is clean, fresh and paraben/SLS free.

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