Full Service Private Label Manufacturer Since 1988

AKTEN Cosmetic’s mission is to assist the companies in offering high quality private label lines of natural soap, haircare, bodycare and skincare products to enhance their operation by leveraging their most important asset - their brand.

Promoting your brand through a collection of specialized private label beauty products, tailored to the needs of your client base, makes sense- especially when those products can be developed in a way that not only enhances your reputation, but also your bottom line. We offer quality private label cosmetic products at low minimums – at prices that offer you customer loyalty, healthy margins and strong returns.
Additionally, we simplify the process. Based on your business and customer profile, we bring the best products for you to choose from – you get to do the fun part – choose the best products, scents and packaging and we facilitate the rest. We will work with your graphic designers or have you work with our in-house graphic designers to develop the labeling and then deliver to you beautiful professional products – ready for your shelves!
Our commitment to you is to develop a professional line of products on which you and your customers can depend and love.
We work exclusively with high quality botanical, naturally derived ingredients and ensure that our products are never tested on animals. We ensure the products delivered meet not only your high standards, but also those of EU standards.

What are the benefits of working for private label with Akten Cosmetics?

  1. We have all the necessary equipment required for the production of private label natural cosmetics.
  2. We guarantee low minimum order quantities on your products.
  3. Consider us your total solution point. Send us your product idea and we'll return it, fully formulated, manufactured, packaged and shipped.
  4. You're already working hard enough. We'll work even harder to determine how you can do more with less spending to market your product.
  5. We are committed to upholding our industry guidelines and exceeding your client's expectations. Innovation is the pulse of the cosmetic industry. We commit to our customers by delivering solutions that keep pace with every single shift in beauty care technology.
  6. Cooperation in this area makes it possible to set up private I ab el cosmeti cs manufacturing. You do not need to make big investment in organization of your own production. Our partners know this very well.
  7. While Akten Cosmetics will be engaged in manufacturing business , you can fully concentrate on the advertising and promotion of your private label cosmetics.
  8. In case your cosmetic manufacturer is already well known, it is a great opportunity to win a new market segment without spending too much money on marketing and advertising campaigns.